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Choose the Best Service for Great Brows!

It can be overwhelming to understand all of the different terminology associated with permanent cosmetic procedures for awesome eyebrows. Let me simplify it and enable you to make an educated decision about what it is that you want.

-Microblading is a manual technique in which a handheld tool is used to create hair like strokes in which pigment is deposited. This technique is very natural looking and great for individuals who have little to no natural hair.

Shading is done using either a hand tool or a machine to insert pigment. The results resemble eyebrow powder and offer a soft look by filling in the target areas with small 'stipple' like dots. This is a great option for thinning brows and individuals who have some natural hairs.

Ombre Brows are one of the most recent trends in permanent makeup. It encompasses a combination of both microblading and shading techniques. GREAT for thinning brows, dry skin, and clients who want a natural yet bolder look.

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