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EAB Permanent 


Look and Feel your Best....Permanently.


No more smudging, smearing or reapplying. Whether you prefer a soft, subtle, natural look or a more dramatic style, EAB Permanent Cosmetics provides lasting  results that will leave you confident while also saving you time and money.





Powder, Feather, Ombre Brows, Microblading, Shading and More...

Get the look you love. Powder or feather brows result in a shaded, softly filled in brow. Microblading uses natural-looking hair strokes to fill in sparse or light brows. We will help you choose the service to best fit the style of brows you are looking for. 



Subtle Lash Enhancements, Natural and Dramatic Eyeliner  

Enhance your eyes with perfectly applied liner. We use a variety of techniques to give create a range of styles. Choose from a subtle lash line enhancement to a more dramatic liner.



Color, Tint, Liner and Lip Blush

Say goodbye to lipstick. Whether you want natural, tinted lips or a fuller-look without injections, we can create a custom color and a result that's perfect for you. We can also correct asymmetrical lip shapes or sharpen the contour of the lip-line.


Is Permanent Makeup for Me?

People opt for permanent cosmetics for a variety of reasons and is ideal for those who:

  • Want a base look that doesn't wash away, smear, run, or need to be reapplied

  • Want to save time

  • Wear contact lenses

  • Are visually impaired

  • Suffer from allergies and/or watery eyes

  • Have little or no brow hair

  • Have sparse or light eyelashes

  • Experience skin sensitivity to conventional cosmetics

  • Have difficulty applying makeup due to unsteady or arthritic hands

  • Like the look of makeup but dislike applying it every day

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