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License and Certifications

License, Certifications, Associations, & HIPPA Compliancy

I obtained my Permanent Cosmetic License in 2016 through The Permanent Cosmetics Center of Scottsdale and later decided to open EAB Permanent Cosmetics. Throughout my education, I studied sanitation and sterilization, skin anatomy, hair patterns, color theory, depth placements, anesthetic usage, and aftercare.  Over the years, I have found the value in continuing education within this profession as trends are continuously changing, and techniques are constantly evolving. 


I have participated in many additional courses offered by various experts in our field. I am also a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, where industry professionals meet regularly and discuss the latest trends and advancements within our field. 

I am certified in Bloodborne Pathogens and understand and abide by the highest sanitation standards and requirements.

I am also certified in HIPPA Compliancy and HIPPA Security. Being familiar with all HIPPA laws helps to ensure the confidentiality of my clients.


This profession offers endless opportunities to learn, grow and improve your skills with the availability of courses both online and in person. I am passionate about helping my clients improve how they feel about themselves through my work.


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License and Certifications